Announcement: Reviews

The main focus of this blog since launching it has been reviewing new music from mainstream artists and underground names. While I enjoy critiquing music, I have always been conscious that I don’t get the same buzz from writing about the negatives I find in pieces of music. I feel considerably happier with my work when I have reviewed an album I liked.

I’ve been thinking about this. I still want to write about music in an analytical manner, but I am more than happy to avoid music I don’t like in order to talk about what I do like.

So here’s the change: from now, the reviews on this blog will take a new format, called “What I Like About…”, where I will present a new record and discuss everything that I think is successful. If I don’t like an album, I’ll avoid it.

The problem I find with music reviews is that many reviewers alienate fans with their negativity.  While I understand that for a proper analysis of a piece of music you also need to talk about what is bad about it, I prefer to be on the brighter side – encouraging people to listen to the music I find interesting rather than telling them why they should avoid music I don’t.

I’m not sure this approach would suit a music magazine or review site, but for this blog I’m excited to try it out.

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