Score Makes a Scene: Game of Thrones

It’s been a month since Game of Thrones’ divisive conclusion and the world has had time to stew on how the biggest TV show of all time ended. Despite the division, there is one aspect of the show that fans can unanimously agree was perfect from start to finish: the music. So here are five times Ramin Djawadi’s score took scenes to another level in Game of Thrones. Continue reading Score Makes a Scene: Game of Thrones

Intro to: Score Makes a Scene

I love films, but pretty often what I love most about films or TV shows is their score or soundtrack and the way they use it. In 500 Days of Summer for example, my favourite moments come as a result of the frankly brilliant placings of Hall and Oates’ You Make My Dreams and Regina Spektor’s Hero. My favourite scene in Game of Thrones is where Cersei blows up the Sept because the music makes it so ominous and climatic. In these examples, the music complements the screenplay so well that I believe it makes the scene. 

So that’s what this new series, “Score Makes a Scene” is. Continue reading Intro to: Score Makes a Scene