The Sound of Muse

Muse are one of the biggest rock bands of the 2000s. But they’re not just a rock band. In fact, the unique sound of Muse is the result of a group of influences from Rage Against the Machine to Rachmaninoff. This is the story of that sound. Continue reading The Sound of Muse

Lucy Rose: No Words Left – Review

With her most ambitious album yet, Lucy Rose strips back her sound to create something stark, intimate and genuinely quite staggering. This is how to make minimal-sounding music that keeps you enthralled. A huge triumph for the underrated singer-songwriter. Continue reading Lucy Rose: No Words Left – Review

Aiden Hatfield: Chapter One – EP Review

With depth, power, and no shortage of great guitar riffs and solos, Aiden Hatfield’s debut EP sounds like something he has wanted to make for quite some time, which, in fact, it is.

The multi-talented instrumentalist has created something that reflects his own personality and experiences while sounding professional along the way. A great way to start his musical career. Continue reading Aiden Hatfield: Chapter One – EP Review