The Sound of Muse

Muse are one of the biggest rock bands of the 2000s. But they’re not just a rock band. In fact, the unique sound of Muse is the result of a group of influences from Rage Against the Machine to Rachmaninoff. This is the story of that sound. Continue reading The Sound of Muse

Aiden Hatfield discusses his debut EP, Chapter One

“I’ve always wanted to be a successful musician and I’ve been working at it since I was a teenager” says Leeds-based alternative multi-instrumentalist and singer, Aiden Hatfield. Ahead of the release of his debut EP Chapter One, I interviewed the founder of In Music We Trust about his love of music, what motivates him, and how it felt to achieve #1 on the Amazon Rock Album chart. Continue reading Aiden Hatfield discusses his debut EP, Chapter One

An Introduction To: Primitive Machine

While citing an eclectic mix of artists including Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Muse and The Cult as influences, Primitive Machine’s music shows that they’re comfortable in developing their own individual style, a fact which is obvious upon encountering their fledgling catalogue. With grungy guitar and bass tones and crashing cymbals, here is a band who are not afraid to turn everything up to eleven. Continue reading An Introduction To: Primitive Machine